The Frye Company

The Frye Company

Frye had been a fashion insider’s ‘secret’ for decades, but now the brand was in growth mode. We were hired by Frye’s VP of Marketing to set the strategic direction and give creative input to the three-year plan to re-launch the brand, roll out retail locations and triple revenue growth.

Through qualitative research we identified key customer segments, developed the brand’s mission and values and a three-year strategic marketing roadmap. Working closely alongside the internal team, we executed the first 12-month creative cycle including targeted advertising, web content, a large media partnership and experiential PR programs. Frye hit its target, growing 100% in the first year.

Image Credit: Marcus Gaab

Case Study: Fryespotting

To demonstrate cultural and fashion relevance of Frye, we created a Sartorialist-style miscrosite that gathered a visual index of street style content shot by professional and up- and-coming photographers.

We partnered with Backyard Bill to capture Frye Boots and Shoes on a small group of influentials to start, and then seeded a program that drew in more than 30 amateur photographers to uncover the ‘true look’ of Fryes in different markets and social scenes. Both the ‘pro’ and the grassroots content appeared in a variety of online and social media channels; website, phone app, tumblr, facebook, instagam, etc. Our goal was to recognize and capture great Frye style on the street with instructional, informative, aspirational content.